Our Story

‘Poorna Anna’ – the beginning, middle & end of Peshwa

A legacy of wholesome Maharashtrian food – that is the whole and soul essence of Peshwa.

It all started over 7 decades ago, with the establishment of ‘Jan Seva Bhojanalay’ (a Maharashtrian Dining Hall) by Shri Rambhau Deodhar. And with it, an inherent love of this genre of food was inherited.

At Jan Seva, simple, humble Maharashtrian home-recipes are translated into a gratifying experience. Peshwa was founded as the medium to take this experience to the world.

“Restaurants across the globe are dedicated to many Indian cuisines, but there are almost none that are dedicated solely to vegetarian & non-vegetarian Maharashtrian food. Peshwa was created to fill this void.” – Sachin Deodhar

Made with love…and a select blend of spices

“Almost every Maharashtrian dish has its own masala that gives it that distinctive flavour. And store-bought masalas, we realized, were a tepid shadow of their homemade versions.” – Shriya Joshi

This is what makes Peshwa stand out. Peshwa produces their spice mixes in-house, in Maharashtra. Not only this, but the entire production process is supervised by Shrimati Ujjwala Deodhar, the woman responsible for the consistent lip-smacking fare at Jan Seva. The mixes are then shipped, in fresh batches, to the restaurants in Dubai.

Knowing that the food may fall flat if not properly prepared, despite the spices, Peshwa has 3 specially trained chefs who run the kitchen. These chefs have had the recipes ingrained in them by Shirmati Deodhar herself, and have practiced it to perfection under her watchful gaze.

Over & Above

At Peshwa, it is not just about taste; it is about offering a ‘complete dining experience’. Peshwa follows all the traditional Maharashtrian rituals of service, which adds a whole new layer to the eating experience. Even typical ‘auspicious festivities’ are followed at the restaurant, with the appropriate menu and décor.

All these little details help the guests slip seamlessly into a gastronomic foray into the hinterlands of Maharashtra. On the other hand, the sleek, yet appropriately themed, interiors make for a contemporary setting, making the experience relevant to today.